• What St. Louis Learned Last Year

  • A bundle of designers, animators, editors, and a wonderful sound designer worked together to make this piece. I did two animation portions fully, and contributed to other parts of the animated piece and website design.








    Scott Whiteaker: Editor, Executive Creative Director, Animator
    Mark Bartels: Audio, Music Composition
    Alex Deaton: Animation, Design
    Ren: Stop Motion, Animation, Design, Set Design
    Chad Moseley: Animation, Design
    Vlad Sarkisov: 3D Animation, Design
    Scott Conger: Editor, Photographer, Animation
    Kurt Simpson: Creative Lead, Set Design, Director/DP

    Special Thanks to:
    Pete Stacker
    Parker Gibson: Styleframe Design (Honesty Breeds Progress)
    Grant Hoki: Styleframe Design (We Love this Shit)
    Brant Hadfield: Motion Control Rig
    Matt Cibulka: Stage Manager, Assistant, Web Design